East Boston 1st Suffolk State Rep Election March 31st

A group of local East Boston residents put together a questionnaire regarding the upcoming 1st Suffolk state representative special election race. Our goal in crafting these Questions was to put candidates on the record regarding their views and values, also, to establish differences among the candidates on issues we care about with targeted, specific questions.

Click on the candidates name to see their answers.
Adrian MadaroJoanne Pomodoro

**Please note, while it is the mission of the EBPN “to organize our community around progressive values and help elect, support, and hold accountable progressive candidates” we are not endorsing any candidate in this special election.

Don’t forget to Vote.

Its hard to argue that the future of East Boston is not changing at an incredible pace. We have a record number of large and small scale developments happening all over. People are returning to cities in ever increasing numbers, putting the pressure on services. Families are demanding greater accountability for educationally outcomes. Parking and Trash, as always, are continually on the forefront of most neighborhood meetings.

We have plenty of issues to to fight for but we cant begin to address any of them if we don’t vote.

No matter who you vote for, remember, any change we hope to bring about starts with the single and simple act of voting. So remember East Boston, do your job and get out and vote tomorrow.

If you’re not sure where to vote. Check here http://www.wheredoivotema.com/bal/MyElectionInfo.aspx